Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ulthwe Update

Ok, its time time for a small update on my Ulthwe. I have finished the Guardian defender squad and have assembled the Storm Guardians. 

Ive yet to do the bases but i will do them when all the "core" troops are finished. 

I have also decided to up the army size to 1500pts and im hoping for a delivery of the rest of the models from ready-to-run-models today :)


Fin said...

its no use, we both curse the orders, it might be coming in tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

hey ,

Loving the ulthwe, just started mine and was having a dig online for some ideas ;o)

was just wondering how you managed to get 10 storm guardians as for some reason that escapes me GW only do them in 8's ?

did you manage to get them for less than RRP if so how ;o)

Frazer said...

Yeah you have to buy two boxes, I then used the spare parts across the rest of the army.