Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little Howard

At Ready-to-run-models in East Grinstead we are obsessed with the adventures of little Howard.

The other day I sent a copy of the photo in my last post to the creator of the show Howard Read.

Here is his responce:

Hi Frazer and all

Thank you very much for the honour of allowing myself and Little
Howard to
partake in your war games, and in particular in such an epic
struggle as
the Battle of Helms Deep. Little Howard has always thought of
himself in
the role of Aragorn. I particuarly like your choice of picture, both
snarling and waving, taken from my 2002 Edinburgh Show picture I

This has entertained me hugely. Hope you, yours and your trolls and
are all well. Polish my Mithryl coat for me

Howard (Big)

1 comment:

Fin said...

Big Howard: You need a six to hit the troll
Little Howard: no i don't, i am six