Wednesday, May 20, 2009

750pts Ulthwe painted

Ok update time again!

Ive finished my two war walkers, so thats 750pts painted.

The bases are still not done except for the wraithlord.


Nick said...

Loving how your Ulthwe army looks. Well painted eldar just look fantastic. I'm also starting an Ulthwe army but am just beginning on my guardians and having trouble with the wraithbone coming out as clean looking as yours.

What's your process to have it turn out so well?

Great looking army.

Frazer said...

Thanks for the comment.

The bone is bleached bone, the a gryphon sepia wash then highlighted but up with bleached bone.

The first coat of BB is in several thin layers.

oni said...

Beautiful! I love your army, very clean, very nicely done. :)

King's Standard Bearer said...

Frazer they look brilliant. Did you buy a cities of death pack or do you just buy parts as you need them from online Bitz shops?
Craig @ cadian8th

Frazer said...

Yeah I got a whole sector to use on this army as the jet bikes and wave serpents are all mounted on bits of it. Anything left over will just be made into terrain!

Thanks for watching :)

marvin said...

your ulthwe are really brilliant.i am trying to make some same, but i am having problem with that basic bone colour. what exactly colours are you using?only bleached bone on the black basecoat?and highligts with gryphone sepia wash?and what about that grey lines on the black parts?and how you make those red crystals seem like they are shining?what colour is that?thx much for your advices, you are my most likely ideal.-)

Frazer said...

The grey is just codex grey, the gems are a scab red base coat with blood red a orange highlights, ive then added a white dot at the top. the gem is then painted with gloss varnish.

Its just BB over black in thin coats, then a gryphon sepia wash over all the BB, the high bits are then painted over BB again leaving the wash in the cracks.

Hope that helps?

marvin said...

Yes, Frazer thank you very much.-)I ll try to do my best to paint it right at least approximately like you do.-)