Saturday, February 28, 2009

Realm of Battle Gameboard

Ive just taken delivery of my new Realm of Battle Gameboard from Gamesworkshop. I got it from ready to run models in East Grinstead.

Ive been very excited about this unique board, as it will ready add to the character of my games.

All i have to do now is start painting it!

My first thoughts on the product are:

1) The cary bag is excellent and very sturdy.
2) The detail of the board is far better than i had hoped for.

3) The board it very tough and looks like it will stand up to games well.

Keep watching this blog as I will be updating it with more pics of my progress and some battle reports played on it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dakka dakka

Since 2002 ive been an avid reader of the internet forum DakkaDakka.

Its a great community a cool place to hang out and chat with like minded Gamesworkshop fans.

Thanks Dakka Dakka for all the news, inspiration and laughs you have given me over the past 7 years!

Orc Chariot

Late last night I finished my Orc Chariot. Im really enjoying this army as each unit is so much fun to paint.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Guard for the win!

Right, im back from Ready to run and im please to say the Guard did well!

It was capture and control and on turn one the heavy bolter squad killed over half his Tactical squad that was sitting on the objective.

I had forgotten how much fun this army is to play with so now im even more excited to get my hands on the new codex.


Ok with the new Games workshop Guard Codex out this year im going to dust off the old models and try them out at Ready to Run Models in East Grinstead tonight. I will post up how they get on!

Here are some pics of the army.
To view more click here

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Orcs and Goblins

Ok since I got Battle for Skull Pass for christmas ive become addicted to Orcs and Goblins.

I will update more as I finish each unit.

Ready To Run Models

Ok, first post!

I would like to kick off by saying thanks to Adrian at Ready to Run Models in East Grinstead for opening a Games Workshop stockiest in my town and getting me back in to the addiction that is Games Workshop!

Its a great shop with all the models and hobby related stuff you could ever want. But best of all it has a great gaming community. I will try and post some battle reports from the store over the next few months along with my model progress.

To visit the web site for ready to run please click here Ready to Run