Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Warhammer Quest

I have been playing Warhammer Quest over the weekend and I have to say its amazing! So much fun. Simple to use and does all it needs to. I hope they do space hulk one day. The best bit is that it syncs between my iPhone and iPad so I can play on the move or at home!

Right less blogging there is a dungeon that needs exploring!    

Friday, June 7, 2013


I couldn't resist! I have had to get the new wraithguard / blade models! As I now need 5 in my list! I don't really know when I will get to assemble these but I will try in the next couple of weeks!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Eldar

I'm very very excited by the release today of the new Eldar Codex and the fantastic new models. I must admit i was disappointed not to see new jet bikes but the Wraith Knight more than makes up for it! I will be picking up the codex this weekend and poss some new models to add to my Ulthwe Army list. I will post some of my progress if i get time with a new baby!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Slave to Darkness

This is my Chaos Lord model I painted for a local Games Workshop painting contest. I won the contest, yay me :) It was probably 8 years ago now though :(

Iron Hands

Here is my 2004 Iron Hands army! Can't beleive this army is almost 10 years old now!! It was built to the index Astarties list allowing a ven dread as an HQ choice. Its also a rhino rush army for those who remember that. I loved this army and played its as my gaming army for a year!

Lord of the Rings Models

With Pbase starting to charge me for my gallery hosting im going to be putting some of my old photos on to this blog. I shall start with my old Conflict LoTR good and evil armies. I places 7th in the South East with these armies.