Saturday, February 2, 2013

Slave to Darkness

This is my Chaos Lord model I painted for a local Games Workshop painting contest. I won the contest, yay me :) It was probably 8 years ago now though :(

Iron Hands

Here is my 2004 Iron Hands army! Can't beleive this army is almost 10 years old now!! It was built to the index Astarties list allowing a ven dread as an HQ choice. Its also a rhino rush army for those who remember that. I loved this army and played its as my gaming army for a year!

Lord of the Rings Models

With Pbase starting to charge me for my gallery hosting im going to be putting some of my old photos on to this blog. I shall start with my old Conflict LoTR good and evil armies. I places 7th in the South East with these armies.